SwissGear has always held true to its core belief of providing excellent value to its customers through top quality, reliable products that are well designed, highly functional, and sold at reasonable prices.

Whether you are tech savvy, trendy, minimalist or athletic, there's a pack that fits your personality and academic style. If you prefer to keep your options open, there's a SwissGear backpack for that, too.

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The tech savvy scholar

You’re on track to finish a structural engineering degree in three years’ time. A big part of that is packing up your essential devices in the morning before grabbing the bus to school. A great organizer pocket holds your calculator, cell phone, and mechanical pencils so you can find the right tool with your eyes closed. Luckily, you won’t have to, though. You have a built-in LED light that reveals the contents of your backpack and then shuts off to save battery power.


The rugged guy with heavy loads

You are on your way to a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing. Besides the books, you tote the tools of your trade including your laptop, notebooks, and journal. Plus, you need two full water bottles to get through the school day. Finding the right pack to carry your heavy loads to class was surprisingly easy, though. Your SwissGear backpack has the rugged durability to handle heavy loads. Its ergonomic design and strategic padding lighten the strain on your back, too.

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The minimalist student

You don’t like to carry extra weight. Instead, you get by with your tablet, a slim wire-bound notebook, and a pen. You’re not into pointless fashion trends, either. The backpack you wear to labs, lectures, and the library jibes with your no-nonsense attitude too. It is basic yet classic. It has a secure, protective laptop pocket, a few zippered pouches, and a place to put your water bottle.


Attuned to what's trending

You’re majoring in Fashion Design, so you pay particular attention to the latest style trends. It sports a fresh profile that reflects your flawless eye for design. The pack you choose has dedicated space for your sensitive electronics. The sleek zippered pockets keep your personal items and art supplies clean and organized. You like the fact that you can stow the straps and convert it to a professional-looking tote, too. When you’re working as a summer intern or attending fashion industry events, it doubles as a portfolio pack.

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The student athlete

You need a bag that will hold all the hats you wear throughout your busy days. It’s a tall order, but your SwissGear duffel does it all with panache. In the lecture hall, it holds your tablet and writing implements at the ready to field whatever the professor is pitching that particular day. When it’s time to hit the field, it offers up your workout clothes and gear from its roomy interior cargo space. Your snacks are easy to grab from exterior zippered pockets when you’re on the bench. A handy mesh pocket holds a water bottle to keep your thirst quenched. It’s a bag you can depend on to keep pace with your student athlete schedule like a pro.


A place for everything; everything in its place

SwissGear accessories are essential to keep you organized and prepared for class each day. Tech cord organizers are ideal if you carry electronics, pencil cases keep your writing implements poised for action when you need to take some notes, and a lunch box keeps yourself fueled up during those long, exhilarating school days.

Explore Tech Savvy Backpacks by SwissGear