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QUICK TIP:How to check the Manufacturer of your SWISSGEAR item

If you recently purchased the item, a quick review of the hang tag would be the best way to identify the maker of your officially licensed SWISSGEAR product. If you no longer have the hang tag, look inside the smaller front compartment for a sewn in SWISSGEAR label. This label often has the manufacturer listed at the bottom or on the reverse side.

QUICK TIP:How to check your order status

To quickly get the status of your order click here or use the Track My Order link in the footer. Next, enter your SWISSGEAR order ID# (the number found in your confirmation email), last name, and zip code. Then click the continue button to display your order status and tracking information.

How to return your order

Returning a recently purchased item? No problem! Just visit to get started with your return. We will ask a few simple questions to get a better idea of the issue and how to best process your return. Once approved you will be provided with a return label and packing instructions for your return shipment.